A Brazilian lift, also known as butt augmentation surgery, is the injection of autologous fat into a patient’s buttocks to enhance its shape and size.

Some people choose to undergo a Brazilian butt lift because they want their rears to appear more voluptuous and shapely instead of flat. Others want their buttocks to appear more perky and youthful as they get older.

Stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian have influenced many women to want bigger butts, which has attributed to the rise of popularity in the Brazilian butt lift.

The Brazilian butt lift also offers many benefits over butt implants.

Benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift

Some of the benefits Brazilian butt lifts offer includes:

–          Less scarring then buttock implants

–          A more natural look and feel

–          Less painful post-op

–          Quicker healing time

–          Less chance of suffering an allergic reaction

The Brazilian butt lift offers many benefits over butt implants.Buttock augmentation surgery via fat transfer takes about three hours to fully complete. After the surgery is over, a patient can expect to feel discomfort for the first 48 hours.

A Brazilian butt lift also uses the patient’s own fat to plump up the buttocks, so chances of an allergic reaction are much less than if a patient received implants.

The surgery is also much less invasive than receiving butt implants and leaves virtually no scarring after the procedure.


To heal from a Brazilian butt lift, a person must:

–          Drink plenty of fluids

–          Take medication prescribed by their doctor

–          Avoid normal exercise and physical activity for a week or two

–          Rest during the healing process & follow all post-op instructions


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