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Another Reason to Quit Smoking: Premature Aging and Wrinkles

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If you’re a smoker, you may be surprised to see wrinkles appear on your face much earlier than your non-smoking peers.

Experts have confirmed that smoking accelerates aging significantly. Smokers often appear 1.4 years older than nonsmokers because of their wrinkles.

The reason that wrinkles appear earlier on the face of a smoker is because blood supply and oxygen are restricted; blood supply and oxygen keep skin tissue looking supple.

These wrinkles are also due to the destruction of collagen and elastin from the chemicals contained in tobacco, which contributes to sagging skin and deep creases.

Study: Smoking Twin vs. Non-Smoking Twin

In October, Reuters reported on a study of twins led by Dr. Bahman Guyuron from Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals of Cleveland. The researchers showed pictures of twins in their late 40s, in which one was a smoker and the other was not.

The judges were able to easily identify the smokers from non-smokers. The smokers tended to have more wrinkles and other visible signs of premature aging.

What to Do with Wrinkles

The wrinkles most people are concerned with are the deep creases near the nose, also called nasolabial folds. These creases are often extremely hard to treat with conventional anti-aging beauty products, thus bringing many people to seek cosmetic surgery options that go deeper.

With autologous fat transfer, a plastic surgeon harvests fat cells from the body by removing adipose (fat) tissue from areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, or buttocks. The adipose tissue is then purified and can be injected into the face.

Should patients wish to save surplus fat from their liposuction procedure, an FDA registered laboratory facility, such as American CryoStem, can be used for fat storage for an additional charge.

Injecting fat into the face can add volume, plump up creases, and resolve scarring from acne, injuries, or surgery. Specifically for nasolabial folds, fat injections can smooth these creases out giving the face a smoother and more youthful appearance.

Stem Cell Skin Care for Anti-Aging at the Cellular Level

The excess harvested fat can also be processed into anti-aging skin care products from U Autologous. The stem cells found in adipose tissue are effective in helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles. These products are made especially for each patient using their own adult stem cells.

Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York is an authorized Network Provider of American CryoStem’s adipose tissue storage program, called ATGRAFT.

Once fat is harvested, for an additional fee, patients can opt to have their fat sent to American CryoStem’s FDA registered laboratory to be saved for later or used each month for the U Autologous products.

Find Out If Autologous Fat Transfer Is Right for You

If you’re interested in learning more about autologous fat transfer for deep wrinkles or to see if the U Autologous skin care line is right for you, contact our highly-qualified New York plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Manhattan or Long Island for a complimentary consultation.

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