Fat transfer has been around for quite some time, but has only recently come into the public eye due to the diverse uses for fat and adult stem cells in health and cosmetic procedures.

Fat transfer is appealing to plastic surgery patients for the following reasons:

  • Natural look
  • Allows for body sculpting during the fat harvesting process
  • Little risk of infection or rejection
  • Does not involve implants or chemicals

As with any new procedure, however, it takes time for everyone in the industry to get on board and evaluate the efficacy and safety of an innovative procedure such as fat transfer.

What ASAPS Has to Say About Fat Transfer to the Breasts

Though many patients, such as Angelina Jolie and Suzanne Somers, have been vocal about the success of their breast reconstructions or augmentations with fat, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) was cautious about endorsing the procedure until their meeting last month.

At long last, plastic surgeons nationwide have agreed that the procedure can be safely performed when done by an experienced surgeon. Prior to the meeting, concerns about fat transfer to the breasts included fears about the injected fat obscuring signs of breast cancer during self and manual breast exams as well as during mammograms, or even with causing breast cancer. With further research, however, it has been proven that fat grafting procedures are quite safe.ASAPS is on Board with Fat Transfer to the Breasts

Neither fat transfer for breast reconstruction nor natural breast augmentation produce as dramatic an effect as breast implants, but for those seeking a more natural, subtle look, fat transfer has many advantages.

Since body sculpting must be performed at the same time as the transfer to harvest fat, patients get a more balanced look and only have to endure one recovery process.

Patients can also choose to have a layered fat transfer done, where their fat is harvested in one significant liposuction session, then the fat is cryogenically stored, such as with American Cryostem (who we use), and then transferred at the patient’s discretion to produce more dramatic breast enhancement results.

Choose a Surgeon Who Has Experience With Fat Transfer Procedures

As an emerging procedure, it can be difficult to find a surgeon with enough experience to perform a fat transfer. Fortunately, our fat transfer specialists in New York are highly skilled in fat transfer to the breasts, fat transfer to the face, and Brazilian lifts.

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