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About U Autologous Skin Care

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The Revolutionary Ingredient in U Autologous

About U Autologous skin care from Personal Cell Sciences and how your adipose stem cells can be extracted in our NYC Fat Transfer centers.

For years, scientists and researchers have tried to synthesize human growth factors in the laboratory in order to harness the natural healing power of skin. When skin is young, several elements work together to regenerate and repair damaged skin including human growth factors, matrix proteins, and cytokines.

For the very first time, we are able to combine the success of our research with stem cells extracted from the body's adipose (fat) tissue in order to harness the youth-giving power of these molecules.

With a mini-lipo procedure, your stem cells can now be mixed with our special blend of clinically-proven ingredients for personalized autologous skin care made just for you.

No two skin care regimens are alike. Since your own adipose derived stem cells are used, your skin responds better at the cellular level than it would with any other product on the market.

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About Adipose Derived Stem Cells

Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs) secrete various cytokines, growth factors and matrix proteins. When cultured Personal Cell Science's proprietary media, each individual's ADSCs secrete a personalized blend of cytokines, growth factors and matrix proteins to create Autokine-CMTM, conditioned media that is specific to the individual.

When applied topically to the skin, these signaling molecules provide numerous anti-aging benefits to promote facial rejuvenation.


Maximum Regenerative Possibilities

Adult Stem Cells found throughout the body maintain and repair the tissues and organs in our bodies. Unfortunately, we only have a limited number of stem cells. As aging progresses, these stem cells become damaged and lose their potency to evolve into the different cell types that regenerate our organs and tissues.

First, damaged Adult Stem Cells cannot adequately restore the tissues in which they reside; Second, if these damaged cells were extracted and used for stem cell therapy, they would lack the ability to perform as well as younger, undamaged cells can.

Today is the youngest your cells will ever be!


Reverse Cell Aging & DNA Damage

As we age, the cells throughout our body are subject to oxidative stress which leads to an accumulation of cellular toxicity. At the ends of our chromosomes are protective caps called telomeres, whose job is to slow the deterioration of our DNA. Every day that we age, the telomeres diminish, making our DNA more susceptible to being damaged.

The link between telomeres and cellular damage is a reminder that we have an age limit, and so do our cells. Every day that we get older is a day that cellular damage cannot be reversed. Cryogenic storage can "halt aging" by ensuring that the collected cells stay in their pristine state until needed.


Personal Stored Stem Cell Resource

In the event that you become ill with a disease that can be cured or helped with adult stem cell therapy and you do not have a stored sample, finding a matching for a donor transplant may be necessary. As you may be aware, finding a donor match is time consuming and very costly. If a transplant from a donor is successful, rejection may occur because the tissue is not an identical DNA match with your own tissue.

Put your mind at ease knowing that you can now store your own adult stem cell sample for safekeeping; available for emerging stem cell therapies of the future - stem cells are a resource from your own tissue and has no risk of cellular rejection. Cellular therapy using adult stem cells is truly the future of Personalized and Regenerative Medicine; your stored adult stem cells will allow you to take part in all of the stem cell therapy breakthroughs taking place today and in the future.

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