Stem Cell Breast Augmentation using Fat Transfer Technique is All Natural!At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, fat transfer breast augmentation (also called stem cell breast augmentation) has become very popular among our fat transfer New York City and Long Island patients.

There are, in fact, many benefits to using the patient’s own fat for natural breast augmentation as opposed to breast augmentation with implants.

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The Secret Benefits

This procedure involves removing excess fat from an area like the abdomen or thighs using liposuction to reshape the donor sites (also called “harvest areas”). The purified fat is then re-injected into the breasts.

There are many benefits to stem cell breast augmentation over traditional implants. There are no incisions and results look more natural than breast implants…all this is accomplished with virtually no scarring.

In fact, fat transfer surgery is sometimes used to soften the look of existing implants for a more natural result. Fat injections for breasts also allow the surgeon to custom-shape the breasts, whereas implants do not allow for shape customization.

There is virtually no risk of allergic reaction when using the patient’s own fat, and there tends to be far fewer risks in general. Autologous fat transfer also provides the option of additional improvements to the figure through the body contouring of the donor area.

Weighing the Pros and Cons Before Surgery

There are a few drawbacks of fat transfer to breasts compared to breast implants that patients should be aware of:

  • Patients must have sufficient body fat in order to draw enough fat from donor areas

  • Augmentation is typically limited to being able to increase the breast by about one cup size per procedure.

  • Fat injection tends to be more expensive and both the recipient and donor sites will need time to recover.

  • While longevity is a much-debated topic these days, it is true that about 25% of the injected fat will not survive.

For many of our fat transfer New York City and Long Island patients, however, the benefits of natural breast augmentation far outweigh any of the drawbacks.

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