Better Than Botox? Fat Transfer as a Facial Filler

What if you could take that annoying fat on your belly and put it to good use? With advances in adult stem cell technology, that’s exactly what innovative plastic surgeons are doing.

If you’ve used synthetic fillers to smooth facial wrinkles, emerging stem cell technology could provide the answers to a longer-term solution for facial rejuvenation. So why is stem cell fat transfer such a promising alternative to a Botox or facelift surgery?

Advantages of fat transfer vs. botox for facial rejuvenation, lip plumping, and cheek volume restoration in NYC and Long Island.1. Virtually Scarless

Traditional facelifts involve an extremely invasive procedure that produces a large scar under the hairline. Fat transfer to the face, on the other hand, is virtually scarless, since the stem cell rich fat is injected into the face via a needle.

2. All Natural

Instead of using chemical fillers or other synthetic anti-wrinkle treatments, fat transfer provides a natural substance that won’t make you worry about what you’re putting in your body.

3. Lasting

Unlike dermal fillers, which need to be replaced on a regular basis, the effects of fat transfer last much longer, since the stem cell enriched fat promotes new fat cell growth. Since your own tissue is used, the chance of rejection is extremely unlikely.

4. Sculpting of Donor Areas

Because fat grafting requires the harvest of fatty tissue, it is necessary to perform liposuction before the procedure can take place. Most people love the idea of getting a more youthful face and a slim, contoured body at the same time!

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