Best Brazilian butt lift exercises for getting a buttlift workout at home. Visit our buttock augmentation NY surgeons in NYC and Long Island.When you have gone through the effort of undergoing treatment for a more-shapely backside, you want to be sure to maintain the investment you have made into your body.

Our patients are able to maintain results after their enhancement procedures through lifestyle changes that include a healthy diet and exercises that aid in weight maintenance, as well as those that target the buttocks muscles.

Since the Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure after which patients will see a bit of swelling, results may not be fully realized for months following surgery.  Using your own purified fat and naturally-resulting stem cells to enhance the back side, there is bound to be a bit of re-absorption by the body (about 25% on average).

Not to worry, however, because our surgeons anticipate this occurrence and thus more fat will be injected than what is needed during the initial procedure.

Our goal is to provide each patient with the most natural results; those that blend in with your natural body contours and compliment your overall physique.


It has taken me awhile to get back into my normal activities, but it has been worth it to let my body heal.


Maintaining Results After Buttock Augmentation

Maintaining results is important to our patients, but getting back into physical activity may take a bit of time.  What is most important following your treatment is to listen to your body.

After a surgical procedure, even one that uses your own body fat, you may have specific needs for rest and nutrition that you didn’t have before.  Take all the time you need to fully heal following your procedure, resuming targeted exercise only when your body tells you it’s ready and when you get clearance from your surgeon to do so.

The “Other” Brazilian Butt Lift

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to keep up with specific exercise aimed at maintaining a tightened and toned buttocks is to begin using a program designed just for buttock exercises.  We have investigated what we call “the other Brazilian Butt Lift”, or the Brazilian Butt Lift Workout DVD program developed by BeachbodyTM.

In this DVD program, workouts range from 15 minutes (for abdominal focus) to 50 minutes.  Of course, whatever exercise program you choose should be tailored to your personal preferences, fitness level, fitness goals, and your everyday lifestyle.

This particular program does not use specialized tools such as weights, only resistance bands, and seems as though it can be completed right in the comfort of your own home.

Some users report that they see changes in their bodies within just a few weeks.  However, for patients after surgery who are not seeking to change the appearance of the back side, this workout regimen will absolutely keep the buttocks looking its best.

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However you choose to prolong the results of your enhancement procedure, regular exercise is the key to maintaining optimal results.  To discover how you can enhance your body contours, contact our buttock augmentation NY surgeons in Long Island or NYC today for a free consultation about fat transfer to the buttocks.