Most people know Lauren Manzo as the daughter of Caroline Manzo from the Real Housewives of New Jersey. During the filming of the show, Lauren Manzo made a few appearances and she quickly received criticism about her weight. She was 185 pounds.

Breast Reduction for RHONJ Lauren Manzo

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Shortly after the shows aired, and after trying everything including a liquid diet to lose weight, she decided to follow the same path her father Albert did – she had lap band surgery.

Shortly after the lap band surgery, she lost 30 pounds, and continues to lose. However, the one area of her body she couldn’t seem to trim down was her chest. She was a size G.

Since the lap band worked wonders on her body, she decided that another procedure would help her reshape her chest – breast reduction.

She took to Twitter following her breast reduction with the following tweet:

I had a breast reduction… I couldn’t be happier… I love my new boobs!

Breast Reduction Improves Quality of Life

A large chest can cause serious physical problems. Many women suffer back, neck, and shoulder pain because of the weight of their breasts. This prevents them from doing many of the things they enjoy, including regular exercise.

The extra weight and size of the breasts can also prevent many women from seeing how beautiful and slender they are. Reducing the breast size by one, two, or even three sizes can give women a completely different view of themselves.

Lauran Manzo went down to a C cup, and it sounds like she feels much lighter and more slender. She looks it too!

If you’ve lost weight, but your breasts did not decrease in size, you may want to consider a breast reduction.

Fat Transfer from the Breasts

One of the services that can be combined with a breast reduction is liposuction and fat transfer. Many women wish some of the fat from their breasts could be transferred to their buttocks, lips, or cheeks. This is a simple procedure because the fat is already being taken out of the breasts. All that needs to be done is to purify and inject the fat before injecting it into the areas of the body where the patient would like more volume.

Stem Cells from Adipose Tissue

Fat, also known as adipose tissue, contains stem cells. These stem cells can help patients with anti-aging. They can be put into skin care products such as U Autologous, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It can make skin feel smoother and look flawless, which will create a more youthful appearance.

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