The Price of Beauty

For individuals who are looking to rejuvenate the face without the extensive recovery of a facelift or the maintenance of fillers, fat injection may provide the ideal alternative.

At Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York, our fat transfer New York specialists perform this procedure to correct wrinkles, thinning lips, deep acne scars, sunken cheeks, signs of aging, and facial imperfections.

Fat transfer is also excellent for enhancing the buttocks (Brazilian butt lift) and breasts (stem cell breast augmentation) and rejuvenating aged looking hands.

How Much Does a Fat Transfer Surgeon in New York Charge?

Find out the cost of injections by our fat grafting NYC and Long Island specialists. Visit our fat transfer New York surgeons.If you’re considering fat transfer, you likely want to get an idea of how much it’s going to cost. However, price ranges can vary dramatically based on many different factors, including the doctor, the treatment area, and even your geographic location.

For example, a fat grafting NYC procedure may cost more than the same surgery in Michigan or Illinois. According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), the average cost of fat injections for a one syringe kit in 2011 was $2,499.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) listed their national average surgeon/physician fee for fat transfer as $1,658 in 2011. These fees are likely more representative of facial rejuvenation procedures. Of course, fees for Brazilian butt lift or natural breast augmentation will be more.

Fat Transfer vs. the Cost of Other Procedures

The AAFPRS and ASPS fat transfer figures are significantly less than the averages quoted for a facelift ($7,327 AAFPRS & $6,426 ASPS). Thus, a fat grafting NYC surgeon may still be a less costly alternative to traditional facelift.

On the other hand, injectable fillers cost less (hyaluronic acid: $603 AAFPRS & $529 ASPS) than fat transfer and may provide similar results. It’s important to note that in the right hands fat transfer can provide permanent results whereas fillers will require repeat injections and additional maintenance costs.

Our fat transfer New York specialists have extensive experience for long-lasting, relatively permanent results.

Choosing Our Fat Grafting NYC and Long Island Specialists

While price may be a factor in your search, it should not be the only factor. It’s essential that you find a qualified and experienced surgeon who can safely perform your procedure and provide you with the best possible outcome.

Call us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation with our fat grafting NYC or Long Island surgeons.

*This is a rough estimate and does not accurately represent the exact price range for your surgery. Only a physical exam in person can help us arrive at an accurate price.