What to expect after fat transfer to the breasts and natural augmentation. Visit our NYC or Long Island, New York Centers.For thousands of women, finding a natural way to enhance the breasts has been a real challenge.  In reality, fat transfer to the breasts has been around for some time.  However, in its earliest years, this safe and effective procedure met with some steep confrontation in which questions to its safety were posed.

After ample research into fat grafting was conducted, more plastic surgeons began to offer the natural breast augmentation procedure, as we do in our fat grafting New York practices.  If you are considering breast enhancement, knowing what to expect is an important part of a satisfying process.

What Breast Fat Transfer Won’t Do

Surgeons all around the world use autologous fat transfer for the enhancement of other body parts.  Our fat transfer NYC and Long Island surgeons commonly use a patient’s own fat to naturally augment the breasts as well as the buttocks, hands, or face.

Although fat transfer to the breasts is a suitable way to add volume, it can also fill out breasts that have become saggy and can naturally rebuild breasts that have been altered through a prior surgery.

Treatment is not necessarily designed to lift the breasts because it can only enhance the breasts by one cup size per injection session. Subsequent sessions must be scheduled about three months apart if additional cup sizes are desired. We can, however, perform a breast lift at the same time as your natural breast augmentation if needed.

What a Natural Breast Augmentation Will Do

For the woman who desires an increase in size without the risks of a breast implant, breast fat transfer is a wonderful option for natural breast augmentation.

Many of our patients see an increase of about one cup size or slightly more, and some can opt to choose a lift procedure as well (which will make breasts appear perkier), as the nipple is sometimes repositioned as a part of this breast lift procedure.

The Process of Healing

This type of natural breast augmentation includes not only fat injections into the breasts, but also the removal of fat from another body area.

The procedure begins with liposuction of the abdomen, buttocks, hips, or thighs (whichever areas will produce enough fat to purify and use in the breast fat transfer injections).

Our patients like the fact that, although there are two portions of this procedure, there is no need for general anesthesia, as is often necessary with standard breast augmentation using breast implants.

Since there are two or more parts of the body addressed during fat transfer to the breasts, there will be more than one area that requires time to heal.  The exact amount of time a patient may need to heal will largely depend on the full extent of her procedure.

Swelling should be expected, both in the naturally augmented breasts and also in the area(s) treated with liposuction.   Breast injections with autologous fat produce a look that is much larger at first, in part due to swelling and in part due to the extra amount of fat injected into them.

Over time, swelling will subside.  Also during this time, some of the transferred fat will be reabsorbed into the body (about 25%).  It is with this in mind that the plastic surgeon injects a little more fat than what will remain there permanently to create your desired end result.

There is no way to avoid this reabsorption of fat, but we do advise patients to follow post-op instructions exactly as given during the initial recovery period.

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Today, a natural breast augmentation is possible using your own fat.  To learn whether you are a good candidate for fat transfer to the breasts, contact Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York to visit our New York City or Long Island surgeons.