If you’ve been considering augmentation or enhancement through fat transfer to the breasts, you may be wondering if you’re a good candidate for a fat grafting procedure. So what do you need?

As with any cosmetic procedure, you should be in general good health before moving forward. Besides your health, you’ll need–fat! Though it’s obvious that a fat transfer requires fat and most people love the idea of body sculpting in tandem with a fat transfer, many people don’t think about how much fat a given procedure might require.

A guide on what you need for a fat transfer to the face, buttocks augmentation, natural breast augmentation, and Brazilian butt lift in NYC and Long Island.Harvesting Fat

If you have too little fat to harvest from, you won’t get good results, and you’ll probably be very disappointed with the outcome. So how much fat do you need? That depends on your frame and build, the procedure, and how much augmentation you desire.

For a Brazilian butt lift, for instance, you’ll need a great deal of extra fat to transfer, while a facial rejuvenation might require far less fat for a good outcome. Any fat not used in the procedure can be banked for future use in possibly treating disease or being used for regenerative medicine one day.

Not enough fat to harvest? You’re lucky, in so many ways! You may not be a candidate for fat transfer, but you’re not out of luck. There are many tried-and-true surgical methods for breast augmentation and facial rejuvenation including breast implants and dermal fillers.

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If you’d like to put your problem areas to work for you, fat transfer via a Brazilian lift, natural breast augmentation, or facial fat grafting could be a great option for you! Only a highly-qualified New York plastic or cosmetic surgeon can determine if you’re a good candidate for the procedure, and whether or not you have enough fat to fill out the area you would like treated.

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