Kim Kardashian Accused of Fat Grafting Her Buttocks

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Kim Kardashian’s derriere is what makes her famous. Is it possible she had fat grafting to make it as plump as it is, especially after having baby North?

During one of her reality show episodes, Kim decided to show the world her behind was real. She had cameras follow her into a medical facility where the sonographer used ultrasound to capture internal images of her buttocks.

What resulted was images showing there were no implants in her derriere.

Just as everyone started to believe Kim’s buttocks may actually be genetically produced, rumors are surfacing that she may have received fat grafting.

What Is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting, or fat transfer, is the process of removing fat via liposuction from another part of the body such as the abdominal area, hips, or thighs. This fat is then purified in the office. For an additional fee, it can be sent to an FDA-registered facility for processing and isolation of the adult stem cells.

Once the fat is processed at the lab, it is sent back to the plastic surgeon’s office at his or her request to be injected into the area of the body that is to be augmented.

In Kim’s case, she may have had a fat transfer to the buttocks, or natural buttock augmentation. In this procedure, fat is injected into an area to increase its size. The more fat that is injected, the bigger the area becomes.

Is it possible Kim underwent liposuction and fat transfer surgery to give her a small waistline and big buttocks? Yes, it is possible.

Plastic surgery is a confidential procedure, which means a plastic surgeon cannot discuss the work he does on patients, including celebrities. It is possible Kim went in for fat grafting after giving birth and has decided to keep the work she had done a secret. She is the only one that can give permission for this information to be released.

Looking for a Smaller Waist and Shapelier Buttocks?

If you’re looking at your behind wishing it could be bigger, rounder, or plumper, buttocks augmentation via fat transfer may be ideal for you. Many women decide to have fat transferred to their buttocks because it changes their figure and makes them feel more confident in everything they wear.

No one needs to know about it either. Plastic surgeons cannot release information about a patient’s surgery unless granted permission. You can have your buttocks enhanced without anyone knowing you had fat transfer.

All people will see is a shapelier behind and possibly a smaller waistline or thighs. You’ll look like you’ve been working out at the gym to slim your waist and reshape your buttocks.

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