Male Buttocks Augmentation Becoming More Popular

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Women aren’t the only ones who are visiting their plastic surgeons looking for a higher, firmer buttocks.

More men than ever before are deciding to get a fat transfer to the buttocks.

Many factors can lead a person to wanting a buttocks augmentation. Age can make the skin lose elasticity, which causes sagging.

Heredity also plays a role in whether people have a small, large, protruding, or flat buttocks.

Weight loss is another reason that people can dislike their derrière, because fat and muscle are the two components of the size and shape of the buttocks. Once fat has been lost, the shape of the buttocks can change dramatically…and not always for the better.

With a butt augmentation, men can elevate their buttocks and completely reshape it using the liposuction and fat transfer technique.

The Best Candidates for Butt Augmentation

Men in good health who are at their ideal weight and that have loose or sagging skin are the best candidates for male buttocks augmentation. Exercise and eating well can’t overcome genetic disposition, which is why augmentation is ideal for some people.

The Process of Getting Better-Looking Buttocks

There are two ways to increase the size of the buttocks. These methods include using implants or fat grafting. While many choose implants (we do not perform this procedure), fat grafting is 100 percent natural and provides a completely customized look.

With fat grafting, adipose tissue (fat) is removed from another part of your body. Men usually decide to have fat removed from their abdominal area (love handles) or torso.

Once the fat is collected via liposuction, it can either be purified in the office and injected immediately or (for an additional fee) it can be sent to an FDA-registered laboratory for additional processing to isolate the adult stem cells.

After the lab has processed the fat and stem cells, it can be injected into the buttocks over a series of sessions, referred to as a layered fat transfer. Over time, the buttocks looks more plump and shapelier. This process is the best way to establish permanent fat after grafting.

Augmentation and Lift Combination

Many men decide they want a higher buttocks (a lift procedure). To achieve height, a lift is needed. This will bring it up to a position that is higher and more youthful. With fat transfer, fat can be injected into just the right areas to achieve the lift that is desired.

Financing Can Help with the Cost

You might think that this procedure isn’t affordable, but you’d be mistaken. We make it easier for our patients to afford the procedure now by offering financing options such as zero down, low interest, and low monthly payments. This is available to patients with good credit.

To get qualified for plastic surgery financing, make an appointment for a complimentary consultation. During your consultation, you can ask questions about the procedure and decide whether it is right for you.

Isn’t it about time you love the way you look from the front and back side? Call our highly qualified New York plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Manhattan or Long Island today.