As Earth Day approaches, it’s time to think about eco-friendly solutions to everyday issues once again. Many of our patients want to regain or enhance healthy, glowing skin, youth, and beauty, but don’t like the idea of using harsh chemicals, implants or other artificial substances in the process.

Fortunately, there are a variety of options available for enhancing your natural beauty without foreign substances. Here are some ways to be kind to your body–and the planet.

Use Natural Skincare Products and Protect Your Skin

Many companies have become eco-friendly, banishing harsh chemicals and using natural moisturizers such as shea butter and natural oils. Keep your skin moisturized and protected for long-lasting radiance. As an added bonus, these companies generally do not support animal testing, and do their best to use good trading practices.

Natural Ways to Enhance Your Beauty

Make Your Own Skincare Products

Treat yourself by making an aromatic and revitalizing scrub or mask. By making your own beauty treatments, you know exactly what is going on your face.

Be careful not to clog your pores with homemade remedies–you don’t want to break out. The has some great recipes to get you started.

Fight Aging and Enhance Your Body with a Fat Transfer

Don’t like the idea of implants for enhancement? Many of our patients are concerned about the potential problems with implants, such as infection, bursting, or need for replacement. For those looking for a more natural solution, we offer cutting edge adult stem-cell transfer to redistribute body fat where it’s needed.

Fat transfer to the face is popular among people with sagging facial skin and facial fat loss, while fat transfer to the breasts can be used for breast augmentation or reconstruction. Fat can also be used to enhance the buttocks with a Brazilian butt lift.

We want our patients to be happy with the solutions they choose. Everyone is different, and taking a cookie-cutter approach to each patient simply doesn’t work. If you’d like to discuss your options with us, call to set up a consultation at my fat transfer offices in NYC or Long Island, New York.

To Living Well, Naturally,

The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team