The Nature of Fat Grafting | Brazilian Buttock Augmentation, Butt Lift in New YorkIn recent years, society has become somewhat obsessed with getting a more curvaceous backside, as is evident by the number of patients we see in our practices.

So much so that there are countless Brazilian butt lift exercise programs designed to enhance this area of the body.

The development of a rounder and perkier butt has become highly desirable to a number of individuals who feel that their bottom is lacking in shape or size and for those who have seen a decrease in the size of their buttock as they have aged.

Whatever the reasons for desiring treatment by our buttock augmentation New York surgeons, the Brazilian lift can provide stellar results. By having this procedure, you will likely get far better acquainted with this part of your body you are preparing to enhance.

With the fat grafting process, what we do is plump the upper portion of the buttock, where sagging or deflating is most prevalent.  However, there are other factors that make up a beautiful backside.

Muscle, in particular, makes up a good portion of the buttock area – specifically the gluteus maximus, minimus, and medius.

The Anatomy of the Buttocks: A Mini-Tutorial

Muscles of the Backside

The largest of these three muscles is the gluteus maximus, covering over two-thirds of this region.  The gluteus medius is a muscle located near the top of the buttocks, by the hips.   In between the two lies the gluteus minimus.

Each of these areas is necessary for aiding us when we stand and walk, but has very little to do with the shape of the buttock.  In short, no amount of Brazilian lift exercise is going to make the butt bigger.

The Real Determining Factor

What really comes into play when the size of the rear is being determined is genetics.  Since the shape of the butt is more primarily based on fat, women tend to have larger backsides than men, simply because they naturally have more subcutaneous fat.

Those who do not have good amounts of subcutaneous fat will have a less curvy buttocks.  It is these patients who benefit most from treatment.

How a Brazilian Butt Lift is Done

To perform a Brazilian Butt Lift, the surgeon removes unwanted fat from another area of the body using liposuction.  Taking the extra fat that lies within the abdominal or thigh areas is ideal for optimal results.

This is because this type of fat is what they call “fibrofatty”, giving it a better texture to help fat stay suspended when transplanted into the upper portion of the buttocks. Purified fat is injected mostly into the existing fatty tissue of the buttocks; if it were injected into the gluteus maximus, it would have less of a chance of survival.

Through the transplantation of fat and adipose-derived stem cells into the buttocks, our Brazilian augmentation patients experience a fuller, curvier version of themselves.  To see how this procedure can improve your figure, contact our fat grafting New York surgeons in Long Island or New York City for a free consultation.

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