With the stigma surrounding plastic surgery for men falling away, the procedures men choose are becoming more varied. While the most popular procedures remain the same (liposuction, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and gynecomastia surgery), more men than ever are also electing enhancement-based surgery such as calf and pectoral implants, chin augmentation, and buttock enhancement.

Plastic surgeons across the country are especially seeing more men come in for fat transfer procedures as a remedy to the flat “pancake” butt phenomenon.

A Little Boost…But Nothing More

"Pancake Butt" Spurring More Men To Get Buttock InjectionsUnlike women, most men who are interested in buttock augmentation don’t want to see a dramatic difference in their butt size. Jeff Vickers, a buttock augmentation patient from Virginia, is quoted in The New York Times on the subject:

I just wanted to be able to put on a pair of pants and for them to stay up. …When I went in to the doctor, I said, ‘I’m not a girl so I’m not worried about having a table back there you could sit a coffee cup on.’

Plastic surgeons are quickly accommodating men’s preferences for buttock augmentation and other procedures as more men are being seen for plastic surgery consultations.

Gender Differences

One of the challenges of the emerging segment of male plastic surgery is adapting existing women-focused techniques that can be adjusted accordingly and used for men. For example, there must be enough body fat to harvest from the patient during a fat transfer to the buttocks.

First, women tend to have more viable areas to harvest from, and second, more men than women simply don’t have enough fat to produce a satisfactory result. In such cases, buttock implants may be the only viable augmentation option.

The downside to this is that implants do not produce the same natural look and feel as a fat transfer augmentation. Buttock implants can also shift over time and often need replacement after a period of time. Due to these complications, we do not perform buttock implant surgery. Rather, we only perform fat transfer to the buttocks.

No More “Pancake Butt”

It can be difficult to find a surgeon with enough experience and skill to produce the outcome patients want from fat transfer to the buttocks. And our highly-qualified New York plastic and cosmetic surgeons fit the bill, offering consultations for fat transfer in NYC and Long Island.

Our procedures include Brazilian Butt Lift and buttock augmentation using fat grafting, fat transfer to the face, BOTOX, facial plastic surgery and ear surgery (otoplasty).

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