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Fat Transfer and Fat Grafting Types of Procedures

What are fat transfer and fat grafting procedures? How do I know if Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York is the right choice for me?

What Is Fat Transfer?

Expert Fat Transfer Long Island

Fat transfer is a procedure where fat is removed from a patient's body and transferred to another place where fat isn't as plentiful. Since fat is one of the body's most plentiful (and renewable) resources of cushion material and adult stem cells, it makes perfect sense to augment the buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift), breasts, cheeks, lips and even the back of the hands.

At our NYC and Long Island, New York fat transfer centers, we offer patients many years of cosmetic surgery experience so you can feel confident that you are making the right choice!

Fat is a wonderful, natural cushion for parts of the body that need added volume, roundness, or plumping. Fat transfer involves liposculpting (by using liposuction) to remove fat from areas such as the hips, outer thighs, and abdomen.

Patients can reshape their body contours to look just the way they want because fat is able to be sculpted, much like a clay sculpture, by the fat transfer experts at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery of New York. Then, the fat that was removed from the harvest areas can be injected into other areas of the body for cosmetic enhancement.

Fat can potentially save your life

There is evidence that adult stem cells can quite possibly replicate any cells in the surrounding tissue to which they are placed. Our Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team stays abreast of adult stem cell findings for medical purposes. The potential for future cures for many diseases such as diabetes, heart and lung disease and other ailments are a regular part of their continuing medical education. This is why they are currently recommending fat banking and storage; not only for future cosmetic procedures, but potentially to also save patients' lives.

How Our Fat Transfer And Grafting Procedures Are Performed

Once the fat has been harvested from the body, it is separated from the blood and other fluids that have been stored in the suction container. It is then purified along with the adult stem cells so it can be transferred, or grafted, to other areas of the body by our fat grafting New York surgeons.

For an additional fee, patients can choose to store their remaining purified fat in a fat bank storage facility that we use; American Cryostem.

Fat and stem cells may be safely frozen at temperatures that allow the patient to use them in the future for any cosmetic procedure they wish. The miracle of adult stem cells from fatty tissue is that they grow new fat in the areas to where they are grafted to; allowing patients to have completely natural enhancements to their body and face as if they were born that way!

Patients Must Have Enough Fat To Harvest From

Patients must have enough body fat in the areas that are being harvested from. If a patient is looking for a Brazilian Buttlift, for example, yet they do not have enough fat in their abdomen, hips or thighs to augment the buttocks, our surgeons will not be able to perform the surgery.

For patients who are looking for a stem cell breast augmentation, also referred to as a natural breast lift, natural breast augmentation, or stem cell breast augmentation...if the patient lacks the body fat needed for harvesting, implants will be necessary. Patients can opt for breast implants made of silicone or saline.

Depending upon how large a patient would like her bust size to increase will decide how much body fat the surgeon can harvest from her.

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