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Brazilian Butt Lift

Fat Transfer Butt Augmentation

A buttock augmentation, or Brazilian Butt Lift, is a procedure where fat is taken from one or more areas of the body (usually the hips, thighs and abdomen) and transferred to the buttocks.

This buttock lift procedure has become tremendously popular with the rise of celebrities and stars like J-Lo and Kim Kardashian who have curvy, round buttocks. It's only natural for us to see someone's beautiful body and want to look as good as they do.

Patients ask our buttock augmentation surgeons all the time: "How does she look that good?" or "What kinds of exercises can I do to make my backside rounder and lifted?"

Exercises Can't Give You the Best Results, But Fat Can

The bottom line is that no matter how many targeted butt exercises they do, many patients simply weren't born with the genetics necessary to have a bum that everyone is envious of. However, with cosmetic surgery breakthroughs, such as fat transfer and adult stem cell fat grafting, Brazilian Lift patients can get the buttocks they wish they had been born with - and fat transfer can give them that look!

Some of our other Brazilian Lift patients have buttocks that have started to sag from age or have become boxy or flattened due to professions that keep them sedentary. Smartlipo shaping of the portions of the buttocks and thighs can offer patients the added benefit of tightening the skin to give the areas a smoother and younger appearance. Then, harvested fat from surrounding areas can be injected into the buttocks where it will enhance the shape of the butt to the patient’s specifications.

What It Takes To Give You The Perfect Assets

Our Brazilian Butt Lift NYC and Long Island surgeons are highly trained to not only re-shape and sculpt the surrounding areas of the buttocks such as the hips, waist, and inner thighs; they have the artful eye and delicate hand that it takes to add the right amount of fat in all the right places.

A well-proportioned buttock is one thing, but a cosmetically-sculpted buttock augmentation is entirely different. Our buttock augmentation NY surgeons will be sure that your Brazilian Buttlift looks good from every angle; curvier, rounder, and with a sexier profile for looking great in anything you put on.

To make this procedure even safer, our surgeons have developed techniques that utilize local anesthesia whenever possible while giving you the latest in liposuction technology. This delivers the best results with the least amount of risks and complications.

Laser liposuction using Smart Lipo can be used to partially sculpt some of the areas to give you a slimmer appearance to the hips, thighs and belly. The remaining fat to be harvested will be taken with tumescent liposuction so the fat and adult stem cells can be preserved, purified, isolated, and used in your Brazilian Lift fat injections.

Recovery Is Safer, Easier, And Faster With Our Brazilian Buttlift Techniques

Due to the expertise of our master surgeons, laser liposuction gives patients less bleeding during the sculpting and harvesting phase of the procedure. Additionally, there is minimal bruising and discomfort afterward. The procedure to graft or transfer the fat is done on a separate date and can be done using local anesthesia.

A major deciding factor for many of our patients who are teetering between whether they want buttock implants or fat grafting is this: buttock implants require larger incisions and weeks of recovery. This is more dangerous and inconvenient for several reasons:

  • Larger incisions raise the risks for surgical site infections, especially in the buttock area.
  • With butt implants, patients must avoid sitting or lying on their implants for several weeks.
  • Lack of activity for this period of time can increase the risks for DVT, or deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) in the legs.
  • Patients who have buttock implants must take time off from work during the weeks-long healing process.
  • Buttock implants have a limited life span - about 10 years.


The benefits of using your own fat for your Brazilian Butt lift are numerous:

  • Fat is the only natural cushion native to your body that looks and feels like you.
  • Procedure is completely scar-free.
  • Stem cells in the harvested fat will grow your own fat in the buttock area so you don't have to worry about foreign objects in your body.
  • Unlike buttock implants, your own fat will last a lifetime.
  • During the first phase, the fat harvesting process, you get the added benefit of sculpting other areas that bother you.
  • Fat grafting (the second phase) allows for our surgeons to artfully add fat here and there to give you exactly what you are looking for rather than receiving an implant that can augment just one area.
  • Recovery is approximately 7 days and patients can move about as they wish during this process.


If you’re ready to see what our buttock augmentation surgeons can do for your backside, contact us today. We have Brazilian Butt Lift NYC and Long Island locations with free Brazilian Lift consultations available days, evenings and Saturdays for your convenience. Schedule your free Brazilian butt lift consultation today!

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