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Top 3 Self Image Issues that Plastic Surgery May Solve

Brazilian Butt Lift– Top 3 Self-Image IssuesSelf image issues and how plastic surgery may help reshape the chest or get a more defined and sculpted look.

Many people are not completely satisfied with the way that they look. And this is normal. Some people, however, suffer from extreme embarrassment or shame when it comes to a particular part of their body.

This can include women who recently gave birth and have flabby skin on their stomachs and stretch marks, or men with feminine looking breast tissue, or even people with oversized noses that don't seem to be in balance with their faces.

At our Brazilian butt lift NY offices, we want to help give you a chance to reclaim your confidence and boost your self image through plastic surgery. Here are some common problems that plastic surgery may be able to resolve.

Rounded Buttocks? Our Buttock Augmentation NYC Team Can Help

Many women want to have feminine curves on their body in all of the right places. Sometimes, however, these curves can be lacking and lower a woman’s self esteem.

Our buttock augmentation NYC and Long Island surgeons on the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team can solve this problem by providing our clients with an innovative and safe procedure that effectively lifts the buttock and reshapes it.

If you are unhappy with your buttocks and are embarrassed about being seen in a bathing suit or your underwear, then a buttock augmentation procedure can help make you happy with your back side.

At our Brazilian butt lift NY offices, we will treat you with the utmost respect and care that you deserve.

Nose Jobs

When your nose just doesn’t fit all of the other features of your face it can cause major self-esteem issues. Maybe you feel like the only thing others notice about you is your nose.

Nose jobs allow patients to reshape their noses. Our surgeons can remove bumps, narrow noses, and even widen nostrils. Not only does this kind of surgery help with self image problems, in some cases it can also help to improve the overall health of the patient by increasing air flow.


Some men suffer from gynecomastia, which is the abnormal enlargement of male breast tissue. Having feminine features can make men feel self-conscious and not want to remove their shirt, even when they are at the beach or in an intimate setting.

Gynecomastia surgery enables men to reshape their chest and get a more defined and sculpted look.

Meet Our Brazilian Butt Lift Surgeons

There are many ways plastic surgery can improve self image. If you feel like a certain part of your body is holding down your self esteem, then it might be time to give the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team a call in our buttock augmentation NYC or Long Island offices at 631.499.1831.