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Fat Transfer New York Patient Testimonials

“This is to let you know that the laser liposuction has without a doubt changed my life. I am finally able to conquer my body image issues and feel good about myself. I am so proud that I did this for myself…! Everyone I encountered was very professional, friendly, and genuine. I was very comfortable with an uncomfortable situation. Thanks for being honest and upfront.”

Elizabeth A.,- Dix Hills.



Thank you, Dr.Diktaban and staff, for your patience and professionalism. It’s not easy being a woman. I have recommended patients to your office because I AM A PRODUCT OF YOUR GREAT WORK. I would also like to mention to those viewing this comment that Dr.Diktaban is an experienced doctor who cares about his patients’ satisfaction. People: STOP shopping around. It’s dangerous out there, going to other countries where things are not properly sterilized and doctors are not even doctors and go for your free consultation like I did and live your life to the fullest and LOOK FABULOUS, LIKE THE STARS! DO IT WITH CONFIDENCE. LIKE ME!!!!!!!! LIFE IS TOO SHORT. DO SOMETHING POSITIVE FOR YOURSELF. YOU DESERVE IT.

Lydia M. – Yonkers.


Patients providing testimonial statements were treated either by current or prior doctors at our practice. Results may vary per patient. Statements & images displayed on our site do not accurately represent the results that every patient can expect after surgery. Patients were not remunerated for their comments and provided written permission for their comments and/or name to be shown. If requesting to remain anonymous, fictitious initials or names were used to disguise their real identity. In some cases, we were asked to remove the specific doctor’s name referenced in the patient testimonial because the doctor/staff member is no longer associated with our practice. Please contact our office for more information about which former doctor/staff member was referenced in these statements.