Plastic surgery procedures like the stem cell facelift and natural breast augmentation have become a hot topic these days.


Our fat grafting NYC and Long Island surgeons would like to explain the benefits of using fat over synthetic injectable fillers.

Fat Grafting: The Benefits

Why our fat transfer New York surgeons think that fat injections outrank dermal fillers. Visit our fat grafting NYC & Long Island offices today.The benefits of our fat transfer New York procedures are many when compared to traditional injectable fillers and other procedures. First, our specialists use advanced techniques to allow for a high survival rate of the transferred fat.

This means that when performed properly, fat grafting can result in relatively permanent improvement, eliminating the need for future maintenance injections as with traditional fillers.

And while a single fat grafting procedure typically costs more than a single filler injection, the long-term cost is likely to be significantly less.

Fat is especially good for rejuvenating deeper areas like the tear troughs, temples, cheeks and hands and when larger volumes are needed as in the breasts or buttocks.

Fat generally carries fewer risks because it is you own tissue and unlikely to be rejected by your body or trigger an allergic reaction such as can occur with a foreign or synthetic substance.

Fat tends to be softer, allowing for improved shaping and contouring and a smoother, more natural effect.

Another benefit is that the fat is removed from an area where you don’t want it, such as the abdomen or thighs, thus allowing you to improve those areas as well.

Pros and Cons of Treatment

The primary disadvantage of fat grafting or fat transfer compared to traditional injectable fillers is that facial fat grafting does require a surgical procedure, albeit a relatively minor one (mini-liposuction).

Patients will experience slightly more bruising and swelling and will likely require a bit more downtime. However, for most patients the overwhelming benefits do seem to outweigh these factors.

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