Emotions can run wild after an appearance-altering injury. From shock, sadness, and depression to anger and withdrawal, a person dealing with a physical disfigurement goes through a tremendous amount of emotional turmoil.

Here are some ways that reconstructive plastic surgery can help restore physical well-being so you can begin to heal emotionally.

Revision Rhinoplasty or a Nose Job

Our fat transfer New York centers offer reconstructive plastic surgery. Fat transfer to the breasts, face, and nose. Appts in NYC and Long Island.Nose injuries are some of the most commonly-occurring injuries of the face. From car accidents to sports injuries and more, the nose is a delicate structure that can easily be broken or disfigured. The good news is that whether you suffered an injury or a prior nose job disfigured you, a skilled reconstructive plastic surgeon can restore your appearance.

Cartilage, bone, and fat grafts can all be used to reshape the nose. These elements of the human body are artfully used by the plastic surgeon to reconstruct the nose and to build up areas of depression or dips.

Often times, patients also opt to have their deviated septum repair done during their nose job surgery in order to take care of two issues in one surgical procedure. Sometimes, a non-surgical nose job can be done simply by filling in areas of depression with fat or dermal fillers.

Fat Transfer to the Face

Deep scars, gashes, or pieces of missing flesh can be filled in and built up using the patient’s own fat. Today’s advanced plastic surgery techniques allow for the fat and stem cells from another part of the body to be transferred to the face to reconstruct facial structures.

Since fat is too soft to rebuild certain structures such as the cheek bones or jaw bones; metal plates, silicone, or bone grafts can be used to reconstruct just about any facial disfigurement. Fat is ideally used by the facial plastic surgeon to fill in lost volume in the lips or cheeks as well as to fill in gashes or deep scars.

Fat Transfer to the Breasts

After a mastectomy or lumpectomy, some women report feeling alone, disfigured, or “less than” feminine. The truth is that options exist for a quick resolution to breast disfigurement: fat transfer to the breasts. Originally intended to increase cup size during a natural breast augmentation, fat transfer to the breasts is now being done to fill in dips and depressions left by lumpectomy as well as to completely restore a breast that has been lost to mastectomy.

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