Rounding Out with Fat TransferRound out breasts and buttocks with fat transfer butt augmentation or a natural breast augmentation. Visit our Brazilian butt lift surgeons in NYC and Long Island.

When it comes to most areas of the body, most women tend to want everything to be smaller, slimmer, less padded. Smaller waist, slimmer arms, shapelier thighs.

Two areas, however–the breasts and butt–are exceptions to this rule. In our society, larger breasts seem to be preferred over smaller ones. Likewise, a flatter butt is considered less attractive than a rounder, more shapely derriere.

Here are some common complaints women have about these particular areas:


  • Too flat/poor shape
  • Too small
  • Out of proportion


  • Too small
  • Asymmetric
  • Poor shape
  • Drooping

See some similarities between these lists?  Since these areas are considered most beautiful when round and full, many women wish they had larger breasts and buttocks. If you’re unhappy with the size or shape of these areas, what can you do about it?

The appearance of your butt could be enhanced through buttock exercises designed to improve their shape, however, these exercises can’t do much to change the actual size of the butt. Breasts can’t be changed through exercise, and herbal supplements are a risky (and ineffective) choice for breast enhancement.

The good news is that both breasts and buttocks can benefit from new techniques: fat transfer to the breasts or a Brazilian lift for the buttocks. Fat transfer is a revolutionary surgical procedure that involves taking the patient’s own fat cells from areas they’re not needed and injecting them into the breasts or buttocks.

This produces a natural look and feel with very little chance for rejection.  Fat transfer to the face is also a popular procedure for older patients.

Interested in the possibility of fat transfer? For more information on fat injections, visit our breast enhancement and butt augmentation New York surgeons in NYC or Long Island to set up a free consultation.