Some people who are looking for a curvier, filled-out bottom are looking to black market procedures in hotel rooms and bedrooms all across the country. The more they look for these “doctors” with syringes full of silicone, the more they increase their chance of death and disease.

Tragedy in Florida

Shatarka Nuby wanted to look beautiful and have that round bottom that everyone praises on television and magazines day in and day out, but the way she went turned fatal. She recruited the help of a man named Oneal Ron Morris to inject silicone into her hips and buttocks. He plunged these needles into her body, injected “silicone”, and then sealed the wounds with super glue or Fix-A-Flat tire sealant.

Nuby sought these treatments for four years until a massive migration of industrial grade silicone caused respiratory failure.

Silicone injections or fat transfer? Face, butt augmentation, natural breast augmentation, or Brazilian lift? NYC, Long Island surgeons.Why Do People Do This?

The individuals who seek these treatments range from sex workers to transsexuals who cannot afford hormone treatment. According to Harper Tobin, policy director at the National Center for Transgender Equality, “Too often, these are acts of desperation.”

Rather than argue the politics of transgender disadvantages, the issue of illegal silicone injections needs to be focused on and addressed.

Some women in America suffer from the “Jennifer Lopez effect”: the search for the perfect butt. Women across the nation spent $26 million in 2011 on legal butt implants, and as the legal procedures grow in demand, so do the illegal injections.

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This procedure can be applied to anywhere on the body including the buttocks and face. If you’re looking for a bigger bust, we can also help with a fat transfer to the breasts with our New York City and Long Island specialists.

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