Replacing the “Plastic” in Plastic Surgery with Stem Cell Technology

In the past, many people have been scared off from enhancing their appearance with plastic surgery due to the fact that unnatural substances must often be used to achieve the desired results.

Surgical technology has improved by leaps and bounds in the last few decades, offering less invasive techniques, less scarring, and better outcomes. Yet, until a few years ago, synthetic fillers and artificial implants were the only options for patients interested in smoothing facial lines or having a breast or buttocks augmentation.

New Options

Today, a new option is available to patients who wish to improve their appearance in a natural way. Fat transfer uses the body’s own adipose derived stem cells in combination with fatty tissue retrieved through liposuction.

The fat can then be injected into many areas of the body to fill, rejuvenate, or augment. Common procedures include fat transfer to the breasts, fat transfer to the face, and the Brazilian lift. Unlike traditional fat grafting procedures, stem cell fat transfer will not deteriorate over time, because the grafted cells will grow new fat cells.

Stem cell surgery including butt augmentation, fat transfer to the face and breasts. Visit our skilled surgeons in NYC and Long Island.Fat transfer produces extremely natural results, making it a great option for mastectomy patients seeking breast reconstruction, or for anyone else that would like the benefits of plastic surgery without silicone, saline, or synthetic injectables.

In addition, the new fat grafting techniques have the benefit of being virtually scarless, which could make a huge difference for those concerned with scarring.

Plastic surgery doesn’t mean you have to be plastic! If you’d like to learn more about our butt augmentation New York specialists in NYC and Long Island, contact our experienced and skilled team in Manhattan or Commack to set up a free consultation.