Study Reveals Fat Grafting Effective for Scar Treatment

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The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery recently published a study reporting that fat grafting can decrease the pain and discomfort of severe scarring.

According to the researchers:

For scar treatment, where medical and surgical therapies seem to be ineffective especially in the long term, autologous fat graft has proven to be a new chance to repair tissue damage.

The doctors used autologous fat grafting on patients with difficult to treat scars, which were painful and caused limited mobility. They removed fat with liposuction from the thighs and abdominal area. After processing the fat, doctors injected it in all directions under the skin where the scar was located.

The fat grafting was a success for the patients in the study. The scarred area was less visible with the color of the scar closely matching surrounding skin, and patients reported they had decreased pain and increased mobility.

One patient with a burn on her face experienced smoother, more flexible skin, which enabled her to have more facial expressions. A breast cancer patient had painful scars after suffering from breast reconstruction complications, and the fat grafting helped the scarring enough that she is now able to have reconstruction surgery.

Why Is Fat Grafting So Effective?

While it’s not certain how fat grafting benefits scar tissue, researchers believe it may be the active stem cells that activate wound healing and tissue repair. With this new research, the cosmetic and reconstructive surgery industry is excited, as it will offer many patients the ability to treat scars, which have been reminders of devastating situations such as cancer, accidents, and more.

Getting Help for Your Scar Tissue

If you’re battling painful, stiffened scar tissue, you may want to consider fat grating as a treatment option. We are a part of the American CryoStem network of authorized providers of autologous fat transfer, which means we send our patients’ adipose (fat) tissue to their FDA registered laboratory for processing. We can then use the fat to help treat your scarred area.

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You don’t have to live your life with scars that remind you daily of the suffering you’ve endured. With fat grafting, you can improve their appearance and reduce the limitations they pose.