Fat transfer is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is used to fill in facial flaws, augment the cheeks, buttocks or breasts, as well as plump up the lips. Today’s fat transfer methods are extremely advanced, offering patients the ability to naturally augment just about any region of the body and face. Especially popular is the breast fat transfer procedure.

Many plastic surgeons are also performing stem cell face lifts, which are essentially fat and stem cell injections to the face, lips, cheeks, and eye region.

Benefits of Autologous Fat Transfer and Stem Cell Fat Transfer

Learn about today's breast fat transfer and autologous fat grafting to the buttocks and face with our butt augmentation NYC and Long Island surgeons.Traditionally, plastic surgeons have used silicone or saline body implants to sculpt larger body areas. Now, instead of using artificial means, doctors can now offer patients the option of naturally enhancing parts of the body using their own fat and stem cells. This is especially popular with patients interested in breast fat transfer.

This helps to greatly reduce the risks of rejection or allergic reactions once the fat has been injected. Due to the presence of concentrated adipose-derived adult stem cells, the procedure encourages new fat to grow in the treated area, offering lifetime results. Up to 85% of the transferred fat remains permanently.

How Autologous Fat Transfer Works

A surgeon will harvest fat cells from the donor site, which is the area where the fat will be removed, through liposuction. The fat cells are then processed and purified before being injected into the new area(s). With the patient’s own fat, a breast fat transfer is a natural alternative to implants for both breast augmentation and breast reconstruction.

After about three to four days, capillaries will reach the supply of newly-transferred fat cells and provide them with oxygen-rich blood flow. During this time, some of the transferred fat cells can die and be reabsorbed by the body (about 20-30%). This is why the doctor will overfill the treated area and more than one treatment will be needed to achieve optimum results. It takes about three months for this process to complete (re-absorption of the fat that will not remain permanently)

Stem Cell Fat Transfer Procedures

A new technique many surgeons are opting to use is adult stem cell fat transfers. The stem cells are separated from the fat and then injected into the body along with the purified fat cells. Stem cell fat transfer procedures have much lower risks than traditional fat transfer methods (http://www.yourplasticsurgeryguide.com/face-lift/facelift-stem-cell.htm).

The stem cells within the fat will help to promote the growth of new blood vessels much more efficiently to help nourish the transplanted fat. They can also stimulate the production of new fat cells within your body. This results in an 85% increase in the survival rate of transferred fat (http://www.naturalfill.com/fattransfer/stemcellfattransfer.htm).

Patients can also have the option of storing their fat in deep cold storage for future cosmetic procedures or for potential future treatment of disease. This will allow people to have their stem cells readily available in case they would like a cosmetic procedure or perhaps a life-saving medical procedure is developed someday.

Is a Fat Transfer Right for You?

Many people want to know if they are good candidates for a fat transfer. To be an ideal candidate, you should:

–          Exercise and maintain a healthy, normal weight

–          Be in good overall health

–          Have realistic surgery expectations

–          Refrain from smoking

Today’s autologous fat transfer procedures are better than ever and deliver safer, more permanent results to the people that receive them. The Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Team specializes in fat grafting and stem cell fat transfer to the face, breasts, buttocks, and hands. We have butt augmentation and breast fat transfer surgeons in NYC and Long Island to serve you.

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