Butt enhancement creams, myth or effective? New York buttock augmentation surgeons in NYC and Long Island.Round, shapely butts are all the rage at the moment, due in part to stars like J Lo and Kim Kardashian popularizing their best assets.

With popularity comes new products, as there will always be some companies trying to make a quick buck on the latest trends.

Though they have few tangible results to brag about, breast enhancement creams have been on the market for years. Now, it seems that these lotions have a new competitor: buttock enhancement creams. Manufacturers tout great results without gyms or plastic surgery.

Sound too good to be true? Let’s take a look.

Butt Enhancement Cream Claims

These products claim to lift, sculpt, subtly augment, and improve the appearance of the skin. They also claim to improve and help prevent cellulite.

Do Buttock Enhancement Creams Work?

While creams can certainly improve skin quality, it is unlikely that these creams are capable of producing any consistent results. The only way to truly augment the buttocks is through surgery. Creams and exercise can improve the butt’s general skin texture, but not its size.

The Cost

Buttock enhancement creams are essentially glorified lotions, yet they are sold in tiny tubes at inflated prices. One small jar or tube of buttock enhancer typically costs about $40-60 and only contains a few ounces of the product. This can quickly add up, if you use the cream regularly.

Effective Alternatives

For buttock toning, nothing beats good old-fashioned exercise. Cardio, leg, and buttock exercises can help you tone, lift, and strengthen your backside. Workouts are free, healthy, and will make you feel great! There’s only so much you can accomplish  through exercise, however. Don’t despair if you don’t have a naturally curvy backside. You still have options!

The Brazilian lift is an effective procedure that involves the transfer of the patient’s own fat from other areas of the body to fill out the buttocks. Fat transfer allows for a more natural look and feel than implants, with the added bonus of an opportunity to bank potentially life-saving adult stem cells for future use.

If you’re interested in learning more about butt augmentation, come visit our New York offices in NYC or Long Island to discuss your options with our fat transfer specialists to schedule your free consultation!