Fat transfer procedures are becoming very popular in the world of cosmetic enhancement. The procedure is minimally-invasive, and patients who have their fat extracted also have the option of storing their fat for later use.

Patients who choose to undergo a fat transfer procedure are also opening up opportunities for fat storage and they are simultaneously having a liposuction procedure. The way a fat transfer works is extremely advantageous to the patient.

The physician will extract fat from areas of excess fat and inject the purified fat back into an area of the body that needs volume. Essentially, fat is taken from wherever it is unwanted and transferred to wherever it is wanted.

Types of Fat Transfer

The Different Types of Fat Transfer

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There are many different purposes of fat transfer that patients look for.  A few of these uses include fat transfers to the breasts, the buttocks, and facial rejuvenation (cheek augmentation, lip augmentation, lower eyelid treatment, nasal contouring, wrinkle/crease filling, acne scar treatment.

Some patients seek fat transfers for reconstructive purposes include filling of post-cancer defects, treatment of radiation damage and scar revision.

Advantages of Fat Transfer

For patients who are seeking volume in an area that is lacking, artificial implants or fillers can be the first options they look for. What they don’t know is that they can increase the size of their busts or backsides with completely natural means. These results are permanent, natural, safe, minimally-invasive, affordable.

Furthermore, fat storage is becoming a popular gateway into the world of regenerative medicine. If you wanted to extract the fat you don’t need, inject it into the places you wanted it, and store it for later, you could use it in the future for a myriad of potential medical purposes.

Fat Transfer Could be Right for You!

Fat transfer to the face is popular among people with sagging facial skin and facial fat loss, while fat transfer to the breasts can be used for breast augmentation or reconstruction. Fat can also be used to enhance the buttocks with a Brazilian butt lift.

We want our patients to be happy with the solutions they choose. Everyone is different, and taking a cookie-cutter approach to each patient simply doesn’t work. If you’d like to discuss your options with us, call to set up a consultation with our fat transfer surgeons in NYC or Long Island, New York.

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