How to Avoid Getting Bad Cosmetic Surgery from an Unlicensed DoctorUnfortunately, some people that seek plastic surgery are uninformed and unaware of the real dangers of unlicensed “doctors” providing cheap procedures with little to no medical training.

Sadly, these horror stories are all too common, and often result in a patient’s tragic disfigurement, or in the case of Minerva Rodriguez, death.

A recent article by ABC news reported on the case of Ms. Rodriguez, a resident of the Bronx, who decided to have buttock injections to improve the shape of her backside. Her mistake was choosing an unlicensed “surgeon” who did not follow safety procedures, practiced out of an apartment, and seemed to be driven purely by profit.

Ms. Rodriguez was administered an overdose of lidocaine during the procedure, a local anesthetic, and subsequently began vomiting. She died in the hospital several hours later. The suspect, 57-year-old Julia Garcia, was nowhere to be found.

The suspect’s son, Luis, gave the police information on what he knew about his mother’s practices. He stated that she may have charged around $1000 for a “coffee cup.” ABC elaborates: “A coffee cup full of some type of unknown liquid, maybe silicone was used to augment the buttock, according to Luis.”

Safe Alternatives

Though Minerva Rodriguez’s story is tragic, buttock augmentation is not a dangerous procedure when performed by a qualified surgeon. There are safe ways to augment the buttocks, such as with fat transfer, a natural and effective method that involves harvesting fat from the patient’s own body through liposuction, then purifying and transferring to the fat to the patient’s buttocks.

If you’re interested in butt augmentation, research and screen your potential surgeon carefully.

Here are some attributes to look for when selecting your doctor:

  • Board certified
  • Experienced
  • Operates out of an accredited facility
  • Compassionate, focuses on your needs
  • Excellent safety record

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