Suyima Torres, a 28 year old mother of two, died in Miami, Florida just 10 hours after she received buttocks injections. Torres had paid $2,300 in cash at Cuerpos Heath and Aesthetics in April. Only moments later, the perfectly healthy woman was seen staggering around the parking lot and looking disoriented and confused. She was said to be cold and trembling despite the hot summer weather.

Woman Dies after Butt Implant Procedure - Botched Plastic SurgeryTorres was soon rushed to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead that same day. Only 16 days prior to her surgery, another woman, 20 year old Dailen Garcia, was hospitalized in intensive care for bleeding lungs and vision problems after undergoing a butt implant procedure at the exact same facility.

The surgeon that operated on Torres is thought to have fled the country.

Avoiding Risk and Finding a Certified Surgeon

It is critical for patients to do their homework and make sure that they are receiving surgery from a certified and properly licensed doctor. Many doctors claim to be experienced surgeons but actually lack the correct knowledge and certifications to perform the surgeries, resulting in botched patient results and sometimes even death.

In order to make sure you are seeing a trustworthy and legit doctor, you should look them up on the international database of plastic surgeons so you can see their credentials. Also, make sure that there has been no malpractice lawsuits filed against them by previous patients.

It is also important for patients to know the risks of undergoing plastic surgery procedures overseas. Even though some clinics promise cheaper prices, the sanitary and health standards in international countries can be way below U.S. standards, resulting in infection, sickness and death.

Considering Butt Implants?

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